Nighttime Ride

India Ink, 19”x25”


honestly if your url is some shit like john-is-sherlocked-with-castiels-angel-in-the-custard-covered-dragon-tamed-tangled-frozen-tardis-with-tinkerbell-and-amy-pond-and-sam-and-dean-and-a-dildo-up-my-bum
i dont care how good your post is im not reblogging shit

male game designer: hey maybe we should treat women like people
male gamer: how could you say these things... i trusted you... i have lost a hero on this day


The mummified heart is said to be that of vampire Auguste Delagrance, responsible for the deaths of more than forty people back in the 1900, a period of vampirism in the USA. When he was identified, Delagrance was hunted down by a Romano Catholic priest and a Voodoo Hougan, and was destroyed in 1912. (x)

This is fucking Rad

Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.


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